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I love beer. So sometimes I may ramble about it.  πŸ™‚
If you know me you know I love hoppy beer. However the last two beers I have had are outside my usual realm. I have had the great pleasure of belonging to a beer tasting club at a local bar – OTB. We have had two meetings thus far. At the second one,Matt from Philadelphia Brewing Co came to visit:) We tried a variety of their beers, and they were pretty good.  Then he pulled out a sample bottle (only one) of a seasonal beer called Kilty Pleasure which is a Scotch ale, and I liked it a lot! He mentioned that he only had one 1/4 keg in the warehouse of it left so immediately I raised my hand and asked to buy it! We were the happy owners of a really smooth scottish ale for the next month. Very nice indeed, and I can't wait for it to return again.

I returned the barrel today and to my great surprise Matt gave me a gift of their new beer, Fleur de Lehigh. They call it an unfiltered golden ale… well like I said hops make me happy but this was a winner.  The brewery describe it as, "unfiltered, golden ale blooms upon the palate with a vibrant, floral character and accentuates any seasonable feast. Fleur de Lehigh is brewed with chamomile, rhubarb, ginger, rose hips, and lemon grass; then fermented with our Belgian yeast strain to provide a uniquely full flavored yet highly drinkable spring/summer brew."

I would drink it again and yes drink it happily. Thank you Matt! πŸ™‚

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