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Jonathan and Beth’s mural.

I wanted to share this mural that I did a few months ago. Johnathan and Beth have created a wonderful home that is truly gorgeous! They have an old log house that they decided to renovate. They wanted to make their renovation as sustainable as possible and have an environmentally friendly home. They used everything from geothermal heating and cooling to recycled newspaper insulation. Every little detail and beautiful aspect of the old farmhouse was included in their "new home". They of course included many modern amenities. In the basement is a home theater along with game room. When designing the basement they went with dyed plaster, because they were hoping to avoid having to repaint it again and again over the years. So when they had their plasterer put the dyed plaster is put on the walls, at the point where the two rooms come together, the plaster was two different colors and there was a very obvious line : ( . Arlene (a dear friend of mine ) suggested to them that I could paint a mural for them! Since I am not usually in the business of painting murals (although I paint regularly) and I have never painted on un-primed plaster before, I was a bit skeptical when they asked me. I came up with a several different ideas from very organic  to simply geometric.

They ended up choosing a vine with flowers, birds, and butterflies. I thought that it was a very fitting choice for this rural farmhouse indeed. So I drew up some pictures with all sorts of pretty birds butterflies and flowers.

Working for the these two was such a great time. Johnathan and Beth made me beautiful lunches where we hung out and talked, and Johnathan was always ready with a cup of tea. (I'm a sucker for a cup a tea). Painting their basement was really a blast and as you can see it really pulled the two rooms together.