2 thoughts on “Mosaic Memorial Grave Stone

  1. Hello,

    I am doing mosaic for the gravestone of my Daughter. I am olmost done, now I want to glue it to the granit stone. Could you advice me the best glue to glue ceramic frost free mosaic to the rganit, so it will endure the rain and freezeing temperature? I would appreciate so much.

    Thank you, Karolina

  2. Karolina
    I would be happy to help. I am sorry that this is the occasion that you need advice. I always try and use thin set for an adhesive. A good hardware center should carry a variety of types. They should be able to steer you in the right direction. Two good types are, mapei ultra contact or laticrete 220, if they are available in your area.Is the marble you are adhering to polished? If so it may need to be roughed up in the area you are adhering the mosaic to. Hope that helps. I would love to see the finished piece. Im sure there is lots love in it.

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