Residential Installations

picture of fused glass belt buckles and jewelry
A custom glass mosaic can be a beautiful addition to your home or business.  Mosaic installations have an incredible versatility which can add a personalized touch virtually anywhere.

Every piece is designed around the customer’s individual needs. The process begins by collaborating with the customer, bringing ideas into conceptual drawings which fit the space and meet the customers vision. From the rough drafts to the final installation, Elizabeth’s goal is to create unique quality pieces of art for people to treasure in their lives.

Custom glass mosaics truly add beauty to any space from kitchen back splashes, outdoor walls, lighted signs, outdoor barbecues, fireplace surrounds, bathrooms, etc. The ideas are unlimited and the applications are endless!

“I was thrilled that my children were involved in the process of creating our wall. It made it something our family and our neighborhood can enjoy everyday.”

–Jenna , Art Patron

Prices begin at $150/square ft

For more information about creating your own custom installation please contact,

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