Wedding present for Mt Bikers


While I was traveling these last two weeks I have been trying to do some work. Not an easy task with so many distractions happening but I was able to keep up with emails and do some drawing for projects that are in the process. I  have made a few tire mosaics , they seem to be a popular item and are a unique and fun expression of cycling.  Well I received a request from Steve for for his sister's wedding present. The couple are Mt Bikers. What a great idea. He had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted " two riders, side by side, riding into a sunrise" OK I can do that. One of the fun parts of drawing up this piece is I was traveling by rail with my sister and father down the coast of England to Cornwall. My sister is a fantastic artist and it was fun to bounce ideas off of her.

Here's what we came up with


Back home and ready to start. Plexi glas was cut today and will be installed in the frame tomorrow.  I use Lexan a high grade  acrylic that has a uv protection on it. One of the stumbling block I have with these Bicycle tire mosaic is I have been using the rims and tires from old mirrors made by Ikea. They do not make them anymore so I have to find them on Ebay or any other resale site. The only part of the mirror I need is the rim. It is made from  hard rubber with W shape to it. I have not been able to find it anywhere! So any order that I get is dependent on me finding these mirrors! Right now I have two and Steve's order  used one and I have another one that will become the cruiser with the streamers. Gotta find another to have on hand!

Ok so a big lag in information on this particular mosaic. I had a major disaster putting this one together. One of the appeals to these tire mosaics is the transparent effect that pouring the liquid acrylic as the grout.To adhere the glass  to the plexiglas I have been using E6000 a great adhesive but has very toxic fumes. I have wanted to find something wasn't so strong. I tried a new glue, I should have tried it on a small piece first! The edges of the  glue dried but the center was sealed and would not dry the glue was still opaque I was not sure if it would dry for a long time or ever. I decided to start over.Taking the almost finished mosaic apart removing ALL the glass pieces and cleaning  off all the glue. It was a dark day in the studio! Lee came home that evening having discovered a new bar, House of 1000 Beer that carried my favorite beer, Stone's Sublimely Self Rightous Ale. Mmm that made the day much better. A few days later and I was able to recreat the mosaic and now it is ready for liquid acryic! Always something to learn!


Steve gave it to his Sister and new Brother-n-law at the wedding. Here they are after receiving it …

2 thoughts on “Wedding present for Mt Bikers

  1. Elizabeth,
    Becky and I got married on July 3rd, 2010. We had a blast, and received many awesome presents from friends and family, but our favorite might be your mosaic. We plan on hanging it in a square window in our home together. We both love bicycles, so your gift is especially nice.
    I'll be sure to email you pictures as soon as we hang it up!
    Thanks so much!
    -Maxwell & Becky

  2. Thank you Maxwell, your mosaic was so much fun to make. I am so glad you two liked it, it was such a thoughtful gift. Steve sent some photos from your wedding, it look like you had a great time! I would love to have a picture of it when you hang it up!

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