Mosaic Business Signs

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  1. Elizabeth – hello! I saw your beautiful work at OTB in North Park recently. I asked if it was yours because I just had a gut feeling. I would like to talk to you about getting you to prepare a window for the front of my house. WE’re having new windows put in, and the installer gave me dimensions so that a stained glass panel could be inserted. I’m thinking something like the tall narrow floral window at OTB near the bar…just beautiful! I can be reached at 412-480-1223. Please let me know the best way to connect with you to get a quote from you and discuss how you work on projects.

    thanks so much!

  2. Jeanine
    I’m so glad you liked the work I did at OTB. My favorite is the same one you like! I’d be happy to create something for you. I will try calling you. Is there a good time?

  3. Hi! I was wondering how much would cost a round sign that is 2meters.
    Much thanks

  4. My apologies. I did not see your message until now. If you are still interested I would need to know a few more details. Is the diameter 2 meters? Would you like it framed? Those would be the biggest factor in price. Please forgive the tardiness of the response. Id be happy to help create something for you.

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