Alison’s Fireplace

 This is a picture of the fire place before the mosaic.

Alison's Fireplace
 Alison found me through a mutual friend Judy Herilla (,  an amazing women who developed my website. Alison has a great place here in Pittsburgh that she has been "fixing up". She has done much of the work herself, stripping wood work, refinishing floors, a very impressive lady! In her house there are fireplaces that were closed off, painted and repainted Alison stripped and finished her upstairs fireplace and had a vision for the living room. She contacted me and we began to design a piece of art for her mantel and hearth. Alison has a great collection of art in her house.

I think the creation of each mosaic so much fun. Pulling ideas from her and throwing some of my own out there we came up a with a drawing that would become her special piece. I am always willing to change as the project develops so that the patron will love their mosaic! Alison had some amazing ideas that are going to make this piece "hers". I love that feeling that she is including her individual needs into the art. So now we are measuring and remeasuring! Isn't that the rule? Measure two times and cut once! Well I wanted to measure 6+ times because this was not a square piece! The existing mantel has a wood boarder comes down in different places on the hearth. I am using a mesh mat, this is a piece of "fiber" mesh that tile can be adhered to and then the finished mosaic can placed onto a site all at once.

Getting some help with the design work:)

Laying everything out and prepping is the tedious part…

The creation of a stream…

The next few days animals came to life and a forest began to take shape….



With a little help from my friend:)

12-22-09I am ready to install…

All I need to do is grout it and voila.


Grouting is a funny thing , it ooks like you have completely destroyed your mosaic.

slowly it reveals a pretty picture.

Little paw prints

After a final wipedown…

A very happy Alison sitting by her new campfire!

23 thoughts on “Alison’s Fireplace

  1. Pam and Mark enjoy your progess pictures.  Beautiful!  It has been amazing to watch the random pieces of glass laying around your house become this wonderful work of art.

  2. Looks great Elizabeth!
    I am going to put some time into your craftsman table top project.
    keep the pics coming.

  3. Happy homeowner here — I'm just totally in love with it!  It came out GREAT!  I've pointed a lot of my friends to this blog to see the pictures, I think the most frequent comment is "Spectacular!"  Thank you, thank you, Elizabeth!

  4. In had so much fun making this for you. Your idea was brilliant it came out looking just like alittle campfire:) I hope you holiday was filled with friends huddled around the fire:)

  5. I so appreciate your finished piece, i love it, thank you for sharing. Seems like your home is old, I live in an old home and have a fireplace that isnt usable.

  6. Thank you. It is an older home in Pittsburgh that I did this piece for. The fireplace is a modern addition that the contractor and I created for the client. Im glad you like it.

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