Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration Part 2

The second phase of the restoration began with the sizing and resizing of the template prints that Tim Danehy created for me.

Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration

To recreate the mosaic pattern we used CAD to overlay the hole with the intact mosaic and lined them up. With the printouts in hand we tweaked the templates to fit as close to perfectly as we could.

Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration

Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration

By overlaying the hole with the original behind on another layer Tim was able to print out a template that was almost the correct size. We then took this to the actual damaged mosaic and resized it to the mosaic.

Matching the glass was also a great challenge.

Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration

To recreate a hundred year old mosaic can be tricky. The glass that was originally used is not all still around. I took a trip down to Youghiogheny Glass in Connellsville, PA to try and find good matches to the glass. I also sent off samples to Delphi Glass and they were able to help me out with obtaining the glass I could not find at Youghiogheny Glass.
Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration

Here is one of the isles of glass sheets Youghiogheny Glass. With the help of the owner , Tristan Triggs, I was able to find much of the glass that I needed to recreate the original mosaic. I brought samples of the original mosaic and laid them out. Tristan was great, he would take a look at what I had and dash off to different parts of the warehouse and find glass that would have taken me hours to find.

Now with the groundwork done I could really begin making the mosaic. Adhering glass to a mesh backing that will be cut up and installed on the ceiling began. I started with the heraldic shield, sometimes with the help of my critters. The design was made up of fleur de lis and green diagonal stripes in four compartments.

Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration

The newly created mosaic adhered to mesh will then be transferred and installed to the ceiling at the Union Trust building. I always have one of my helpers on hand. This is Bobby, sunning herself as I work.

P1000692 P1000691

Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration






It’s a fun piece to create with swirls in gold  and lots of white rectangles and squares with a border along the wall. I put to use a great little straight cutter that made making the hundreds of squares and rectangles so much easier and more precise.



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  1. Thank you Pat! I’ve been having so much fun, it hardly feels like work 🙂

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