Union Trust Mosaic Restoration Part Three

The mosaic is finished! All that is left to do is the installation.


Here is the finished mosaic on my workbench.  I adhered it to mesh that I will cut up and install in smaller sections.


Union Trust Building Mosaic Restoration

This is the stairway that leads up into the top of the scaffolding.

P1000784This is about half way through the installation. Sections were adhered up using a variety of guidelines. One of my biggest challenges was making sure that the design was in line with the existing mosaic. As you can see here it was successful!

P1000786Here is a view showing the “work area”

P1000790An nice photo of Rick and I pressing a section up into place

P1000792Here Rick and I inspect the edges of the mosaic after we put up the plexiglas to add extra pressure as the thinset cured.

P1000793 P1000815 P1000813All the jacks we used to hold up the plexiglas. They we so useful for so many parts of this project.

P1000832 P1000835Grouting over head! I love this palette that Rick brought. He said it was his grandfathers. We are working out a trade for one of my palette knives for this great tool!


Tessa would follow me as we worked our way back and forth across the ceiling. She would wipe off as I laid on grout. I had so many people during the course of this installation that helped. Tessa saved me from hours of overhead work!

P1000847Staining the new grout to match the rest of the ceiling.

The completed ceiling!

P1000865Tessa took this photo looking down out of the scaffolding. At the time Bryn Contracting had put a proposal to the new owner of the Union Trust Build for us to repair the rest of the ceiling. The proposal was accepted and we have completed this section of ceiling. We are now in the process of inspecting the rest of the mosaics in the building to repair and clean them! I’ve been enjoying my trips to the city to work and am looking forward to more trips this summer!



2 thoughts on “Union Trust Mosaic Restoration Part Three

  1. this is fantastic! thanks so much for the detailed descriptions, the comprehensive archiving of this process.. I don’t think most of us take into consideration the extent of the work that was/is done on many of these details in our buildings..
    I am a researcher of architectural details and historical aspects of downtown Pittsburgh, and I want to thank you and everyone involved (and the new building owners) for your commitment to reviving these treasures for us and the generations to come who will undoubtedly look up and marvel..

    marc V.

  2. Thank you Marc! This is such and incredible project to be part of. I’ve felt honored to participate in repairing and restoring it. When I first took on the job we looked everywhere we could to find anything about the mosaic, the meaning of the symbols, who made it or anything and came up empty handed. I agree with you sharing as much information is very important.
    Than you for your kind words. I am continuing to restore the rest of the mosaics this summer. Please come on down and take a look.

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