Mosaic Sculpture

ESP foam can be cut into a variety of shapes that Elizabeth Klevens will then cover in colorful glass to create gorgeous freestanding sculptures. You can either commission a sculpture that fits your personal tastes or have a look at sculptures currently for sale.

2 thoughts on “Mosaic Sculpture

  1. I like the Yoga Chick. I was wondering if you could custom made this figure with height at about 70cm (I’m not sure how big the base should be to be proportionate) in white mosaic.

    Also, could you quote me the price if possible.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi there Jing! Im glad you like the Yoga Lady. This mosaic is hand sculpted, coated to allow a mosaic to be adhered to it and then I mosaic the sculpture. The price for this not including shipping would be about $1,500. Cheers Elizabeth

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