2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Yoga Chick—WEB (12 of 18)

  1. I enjoy your work, nicely done. go your name from Hotwire Foam Factory, seeing your yoga pose there. Something didn’t look right, however and I realized that the hand at the end of the right arm is a LEFT hand. the only way a thumb can point toward your back is if the hand is in the supinated position-Palm up. You could call it Yoga Juxta-Pose, I suppose??? Anyway, I do truly like the quality of your work & this piece caught my eye & twisted my mind for a moment.

  2. Lol!! You are the only one that has ever caught that. It was my first and only sculpture. I’d love to have time to do more. Lots of ideas in my head! Thank you for your kind words, it warms my heart when someone enjoys my art.

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