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Butterfly Mosaic Mirror

Butterfly Mirror Mosaic

I am so excited about this new mosaic. It is my first attempt to create a 3D mosaic with the base structure of foam.  I  have mosaiced a 3D form before but it was a pre existing piece. A glass head that I got at a holiday exchange from my friend Adam, but I knew it he missed it. I decided to make it into a mosaic.  Adam got married to another good friend Judy this New Years day and I wanted to give it him and Judy (my web designer). This was not easy! But here it is. Adam put a light in it and it is even better now.

I wanted to try starting relatively small this mirror and frame seemed a nice place to begin. If all went well I would then be ready to make bigger ones. I never can keep things simple though and a simple mosaic became complicated and almost ended up in the trash a few times. I put it together backwards as I found out later. I cut out a  "frame" of esp foam with my new hot wire tools.

Using the left over mirror from the bicycle tire mosaic as a center I created a round flat frame to build up on. I'm not sure the reason but this became a butterfly with flowers. Carving out the wings and body was fun and gluing it together was straight forward. I ended up skewering the swings into the body to provide stability. I was worried that the wings would break off because the wing attachment was very narrow and the weight of the thinset glass and grout would be very heavy. To adhere the glass to the foam the foam had to be coated with a hardener, I used a product called foam coat that created a concrete like coating on the foam. Flowers leaves vines and the  butterfly all  done and coated I stared to mosaic the frame. Definitely more difficult than a flat surface. By the time I had finished I realized my mistake, the frame was flimsy and delicate at this point. Moving it any where was creating cracks I had yet to adhere it to the mirror and to a wooden backing and hanger hardware. This all should have been done at the beginning! In the end I had the mosaic assembled, there were a few moments where it almost ended up in the trash! I grouted it in multi colors; blue back ground, green for for the foliage, white for the flowers and the Butterfly with black. Grouting was a tricky business and took three days to do. I am very happy with the out come. Check it out…